英语don’t resolve service names怎么翻译,resolve解析

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Q1:英语don’t resolve service names怎么翻译?

Don"t resolve service names英文翻译如下不要解析服务名


第一段翻译:Exhibition letter Ann, busy to disturb you is really embarrassed. Now, I think I should be time to write a letter to you, I just know you hate me so much,。but please allow to be my last audience? Because there is a lot that I want to tell you through this letter. Thanks. These years, lost your contact but also lost our friendship, my deep regret.Unfortunately, life has no regret! If I can help. Good friends should help each other, isn"t they?剩下翻译:Maybe you don"t know, I have been missing you, not blame you, blame me for cowardice and escape. After high school, the family asked me to "official" (superstition). I did not from, so I hid in a classmate"s home, at that time。 now think is really ridiculous, obviously very want to know how your college entrance examination, but just do not have the courage to call you, why? Is irritable? Or are timid? Maybe all, so I asked him to inquire about you (call you)。and I knew it harassed you. It may hurt your heart and live up to her expectations. But I am not like that Like it? I hope to take this opportunity to express my apology to you and say sorry to you! I know some things are useless to say sorry, but I still beg for your forgiveness。hope you can accept my late confession, hope the past let him past. Perhaps you have forgotten, perhaps I also do not need to mention again。and perhaps at the beginning is rendant.and then later, graally there is no news of you. I also have no way, because at that time I was really chaotic, my world became a mess。 my mood was bad to the extreme, I don"t want to be tired to you, really! . (Actually, I have asked someone to go to Dongxi to find you。 I know your home is not in Dongxi. ) 。In my freshman year, I dropped out because of my family distress. After that time, I have been living while working and learning, and at that time。Fan Zhengli gave me a great help. The pressure of study and busy work make my daily life full and nervous, but my thoughts for you have never subsided one day. Over the years, I felt like an ostrich with my head buried in a sandbag,。thinking that I could forget all my troubles and missing。but I found that I was wrong, my troubles can be briefly forgotten, and the missing is beheaded in any case. Whenever it is quiet in the dead of night , I always think of all your dribs and drabs。 I always forget your gentle and considerate voice, your beauty, show off the wisdom. Whenever I think of these, I will feel that I am happy, the day"s fatigue will also disappear. You have ever know every day after a busy day, with sweet miss sleep, what comfortable ah. Hello and beautiful!The last time I came to Hangzhou, in fact, you don"t need to see me. Just want to talk to you, just want to tell you this. I said I wanted you to come to Hangzhou. It"s actually a joke. Li and I said I had a girlfriend before. Later, he broke up. In fact, I just want to test your reaction, there was a mood and conditions to talk about? You asked Xiao to tell me that you have a boyfriend. If I don"t think of it, it is false, no matter you have a boyfriend this matter is true or false。I will sincerely bless you! Have you really never felt anything about me? I am so stupid! What if you do so? Maybe this is good to you, good to me. Take good care of you! Just be me The years have been wishful thinking and sentimental. People always have to learn to grow up, feelings. Ha ha, so say up, it is as if you gave me a lesson oh? People laugh at me silly, maybe it is, perhaps the feelings really shouldn"t see so heavy. Some time ago was originally wanted to make you happy。 (in fact, this is a friend of my search idea, ah... a wrong again wrong. )。 Really disrespect for you, sorry. Ah.... maybe this is a good ending, thank you. People laughed at me silly, maybe it was. Fool, but what? The day still goes on. Right, right? Haha.... Are you doing right now? Your one Are you sister and brother? How about the aunt? Or will you call it so? It feels like you are a bit like an aunt right now. Uncle"s eyes are like you, so crazy! Mother and uncle is so happy! Ha ha! After writing these words, feel the mood really relaxed a lot。the original no worry alive is so easy, everything let go, with the encounter! Let everything with the wind! Finally sincerely wish you, wish you smooth work,。wish you find life really love you good partner, wish aunt smile, also wish your family happiness!





Q5:英语高手来 看看这个怎么翻译 谢谢哦



我希望能习惯美国使用名字的习惯;我一般通过叫他们的名字来称呼我的好友。。。First name 是名,last name是姓。与中国的姓名顺序相反,陈杰克,在国外叫杰克陈

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