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i read the book written by luxun .it is called zhaohuaxishi.it includes 10 short articles about the writers stories .they are based on his own experience ,when i read this book ,i feel very happy to see luxuns childhood.it was diffrent from ours,so we may find it intersting and exciting.luxuns langange is very great but maybe difficult to understand .but through his words ,we can find his happiness in his heart .
17th century English related witchcraft superstition is extremelyserious,many everybody because are accused but to suffer in vain forthe sorcerer the fatal disaster.This small story is Zhan Nite abouther whole family pitiful bitter experience narration.Zhan Niespecially told this story the time is in 1634,at that time her onlythen 9 years old,because are actually accused to imprison for thesorceress in the Lancaster castle jail.Before this her maternalgrandmother,the mother and elder brother are all treated as thesorcerer to execute.
This story represents a very original forces,the boss is very stingy done in a Christmas dream,then he changed his views and see how to use their money to help others,charity!I hate that mean the original owner,since he has so much money,but not always help others.Although money is very important,to live in this world money is totally unacceptable and if the money can live a life on,let the world,more people happy,they should spend the money to,because it values.Fortunately,the boss wake up later,the others will be happy to know the truth themselves happy to help a disabled child,for their family and their assistants together after a happy Christmas!
he novel eulogized the spirit which the senior fisherman fear hard and dangerous diligently did not struggle,we also should like his such,could not satisfy the present situation,should positively to above,do any matter all is relentless,meets difficultly must difficultly above,could give up halfway in no way.Only has this,we only then can obtain a bigger success and the victory.
Life itself is an endless pursuit.It is the road long,difficult and full of ups and downs but as long as its own tenaciously to a brave heart to meet the challenges of self-confidence,he will always be a real winner!
The Independent Spirit——about“ Jane Eyer”
This is a story about a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life.The story can be interpreted as a symbol of the independent spirit.
I don’t know what others feel,but frankly speaking,I would rather regard the section that Jane began her teaching job in Thornfield as the film’s end----especially when I heard Jane’s words “Never in my life have I been awaken so happily.” For one thing,this ideal and brand-new beginning of life was what Jane had been imagining for long as a suffering person; for another,this should be what the audiences with my views hoped her to get.But the professional judgment of producing films reminded me to wait for a totally different result:There must be something wrong coming with the excellence----perhaps not only should another section be added to enrich the story,but also we may see from the next transition of Jane’s life that “Life is like a box of chocolates,you never know what you would get.” (By Forrest Gump’s mother,in the film “Forrest Gump”)




作家介绍:亚米契斯 内容简介;《爱的教育》一书原意大利文直译为《心》,是一部以一个意大利小学生日记形式为主的小说.小说记述了主人公恩里科在整整一学年中所经历、观察和感受到的一切,其间穿插了他的父母、姐姐写...

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